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I absolutely love hosting my fellow authors! Each time I get to meet someone new, learn about works that can go on my TBR list and provide informative opinions and articles about our profession. So let’s welcome my next guest, erotic author, Bella Marie! Bella is going to tell us all about her works and as an extra added incentive, Bella will be giving away a Smashwords Coupon for one of her works, so you know the drill, come one, come all and comment for a chance to win!

Bella Marie – Born May of 1966. Lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, is a single mother of two grown children and one pre-teen. Favorite places include the beach, and any body of water which inspires her to write explicit adult erotic stories. She started writing stories for friends about 15 years ago who liked them so much, they encouraged her to publish them. She didn’t follow their advice until she became friends with an Indi Author, Martin Sharlow who encouraged her to publish them, mentoring her on how to do it while watching him become a successful author. She is working on her second published series at the moment.
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How about some exciting explicit adult erotica for the nights by the fire, or maybe in the bathtub with a glass of wine? Alone or with a friend, spouse, or lover, this almost 31,000 word, 15 total short stories are sure to warm you up even if you don’t have a fireplace! With no names in the stories it is easy to imagine yourself in the adventures, enjoying right along in the fun.

Here is an idea of what you will find in this adults only book….

The New Beach House

A contractor builds his dream home on the beach. He is very excited to share it with the woman that he has fallen in love with. He surprises her by taking her out to see the finished home and propose to her as well. They end up enjoying a wonderful day of lovemaking both inside the new home, and outside in the waves on the secluded beach.


Two friends get together for a hot night of passion. They meet up at a bar and go to her house where they enjoy some intense self-pleasure as well as backdoor fun. They shower together at the end of the story as they continue into the next story.

Dinner Out

The two friends decide to go out to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. They sit in a dark corner pushing the limits of exploring sex in public to see how far they can go without being caught.

A Night to Remember

A married couple enjoys experimenting with mild bondage and she has decided that she wants to really enjoy herself when her husband gets home. She gets all ready, complete with a new outfit, ropes on the kitchen table, and a tray set up with hidden toys. It’s her turn tonight and she bought a wonderful new large toy just so she can find out how far she can push him.

Surprise Meeting

A woman is surprised while shopping by an old friend that comes up behind her. They end up going to her place for a night of intense sex with a little spanking to go along with it.

Other stories include stories about friends, as well as total strangers enjoying a variety of pleasures that are sure to inspire most interests. There is also a lesbian story where they are joined by a man to make it threesome enjoying amazing pleasure at a waterfall; a story on a cruise ship, and 10 more explicit adult erotic stories.

Happy Reading!

Bella Marie

Warning: Adults Only! Explicit Adult Sexual Content

Pushing the Boundaries….
by Bella Marie

Being a fairly new Erotica Author, I always wonder what people think of my books. I don’t know about other erotic authors but I get very little feedback. Most of the comments I get from other authors of erotica that I talk to say that people don’t really give feedback unless it is bad. I guess that means that my books must be fantastic since I hear so little… I am expecting my first million any day now :O)

(For those of you that don’t know, I have an odd sense of humor…. I am slightly sarcastic at times… first million is very amusing to me because there are a lot of people that believe that they can put a few books up and in a month, their first million will be made, book deals, movie deals… their lives will be perfect. I am a bit more realistic, I have yet to see 500 but I am having a blast writing them and if it takes a little more than a month to make a million, have my book and movie deals I am ok with it!)

I often wonder what people think about the different types of subject matter I write about, wondering if I am pushing people’s boundaries and how they receive them. One of my favorite things to write about is sex in public places. Call me a rebel but the whole possibility of getting caught has a certain appeal to me. In one of my stories, Dinner Out a couple is at a Mexican Restaurant and they totally push the boundaries of having sex in public. When they leave, they have hot passionate sex at home.

There are a lot of stories like this in the Time Well spent – The Complete Collection, sex at an office, at the beach, river, on a cruise ship, and at the mall. In A Night to Remember, I push boundaries of some I think where I write my first mild bondage story.

I use to write stories for friends who would give me a topic and I would write it for them. It pushed many boundaries for me. I didn’t think at first it would be interesting or possible for me to write but it turned out for me to be an extremely hot story to write by the time I finished it. The person I wrote if for absolutely loved it even.

This journey of writing for me has pushed many boundaries for me, not just subject matter in my work but I had very little computer experience, especially in formatting a book or making covers. I have found in this whole experience that I enjoy pushing my boundaries… I am learning a lot about myself and meeting some fantastic people along the way.

There are of course boundaries I would not personally cross but I am having a really interesting time discovering just where those boundaries are. For instance, I never thought in a million years that I would be writing to an audience that enjoy what I write in a blog form, let alone being interviewed about my books and experiences as a writer. To think that I would not only create a website but be able to do it and still have hair… well that is a serious accomplishment :O)

I look forward to experimenting with boundaries both in writing as well as learning new skills that I never thought possible for me. The thought of me not being alone in this journey is very comforting.


I want to thank Bella Marie once again for taking the time to visit Black Satin!  It was a pleasure having you here!  Peace!



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I'm a multi-published author of fantasy, erotic and paranormal fiction. The first two books of my series, Illusion of Night and Memory in Shadow are currently available from Liquid Silver Books as well as a recently published novella, Soul Fires. I'm currently seeking an agent who loves heroic fantasy as much as I do, to rep my work, Tinderbox. I’ve been an author for almost thirty years and got my start on an old typewriter at the age of five and wrote my first novel at fourteen. Probably the world’s biggest bibliophile I own three-hundred plus books and counting. My hobbies include working in my garden, cooking and I’m possibly the world’s oldest Girl Gamer. I encourage readers and authors to contact me to discuss the business anytime.

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  1. Hello and thanks for stopping by to visit me here at Black Satin! I would love to see your comments so I could pick a winner for the free book!

    Happy Reading!
    Bella Marie


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