Author Interview and Giveaway – Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle

Whew! What a week it’s been! I’m so happy the weekend is here. Again I’m giving a shout-out to the person or persons who suggested having too blissful days of no work! So what’s everybody up to this weekend? I know what I’ll be doing, writing, working in my garden (now that the heat-wave has broken more or less) and presenting a brand-new author interview!

So everyone, let’s welcome writing partners, Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle! This dynamic duo was kind enough to visit me here at Black Satin and allow me and my readers and fellow writers to get to know them better!

And as an extra added bonus, Brenda and Steve will be giving away a .pdf copy of their work, Temptation Trigger to one lucky commenter – random draw. So be sure to comment!

Here’s a bit more about Brenda and Steve:

Steve Tindle and Brenda Woody were high school friends in Georgia who reconnected, on a social network, after 30 years of leading separate lives. During their re-acquaintance, they found their past and interests were similar; they had written poems, songs, and both had the desire to be published. Their combined experiences and fantasies inspired their first erotic novel “Best Lover in Town”, published June 1, 2010. Brenda moved to Dallas in 2009 to be closer to Steve, start a new chapter of her life and work on future books. Their second book “Temptation Triggers”, an anthology of erotic short stories, was released June 1, 2011 for Kindle and will be available in print July 1, 2011. “Triangle of Secrets”, a third book, has been accepted by Naughty Nights Press to be released late September 2011. Their stories are penned with the perspective of both male and female point of view regarding sexual desires and pleasures.

Author Interview:

1. Who are Steve Tindle and Brenda Woody?

Steve – I’m Steve Tindle and I write with Brenda Woody

Brenda – I’m Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle is my co-author among other things. (wink)

2. When did you first start writing and why?

Steve – I asked Brenda a few years ago what was on her “Bucket List” because the movie was popular at the time. She mentioned she wanted to be published and told me she had started a story years before. Brenda sent me the two page story and I asked her about changing the genre to make it erotic. We were already talking about our likes and dislikes online and on the phone so the discussions now transitioned to what Janet would do or not do. The story line was a way for us to talk openly about sex and situations. We really learned a lot about each other during the first year of our relationship.

Brenda – I started writing poetry first. My poems are on Helium and I always wanted to write a book and be published. I just never had anyone (male) I could share this desire with. Until Steve.

3. Are there any particular writer/artists who inspire you?

Steve – Our style is our own but Tonya Kinzer has helped us smooth the rough edges. She has taken us under her wing and taught us more than anyone the art of being authors.

Brenda – I’m an avid reader. Kathleen Woodiwiss was my first romance author – I gobbled up her books. I’m currently reading “No Turning Back” by Deanna Jewel. I met Deanna in a chat forum. Since then we have become virtual good friends. Both Deanna and Tonya help us a lot. We dedicated two books to them.

4. Why your current genre/style?

Steve – It’s a combination of “sex sells” and “write about something you know”. After years of dating, marriage, kids, and relationships, we have seen it all. Now Brenda and I sit back and write about it all.

Brenda – Erotic stories are very sensual and well just plain hot! We didn’t realize the vast market for this type of genre existed. We love writing about sex, romance and sharing what we know.

5. What type of tools do you use when creating your work?

Steve – I prefer to use my laptop to write notes, stories, edit, and format. We use Word 2003 and love to use the Thesaurus. I have read some reviews that advise authors not to use a Thesaurus but I disagree.

Brenda – Our laptops are side by side on the coffee table. We also use the internet for research. Notepads and pens are placed all over the house and in the car so when an idea hits, we can jot it down right quick.

6. Can you describe a typical day of creative work?

Steve – If you had asked me a few months ago I would tell you I was a MS Excel Programmer. Today we sleep until we wake up, no alarm clock. Read emails and chat with fans about our books. We do some edits of what was already written, and then hop in the spa to talk about where we want our stories to progress. The spa is our muse away from all the electronics. Once we have soaked away all the stress of our day, we return to the laptops to update the files with our spa talk. We work on our work in progress before retiring to bed in the wee hours of the morning.

Brenda – I usually get up an hour or so before Steve, make coffee, check emails and update our blogs. I write articles for Yahoo! Associated Content, eHow,, Coffeejitter and Constant Content. Once my articles are out of the way, we start working on our stories. Play on Facebook, tweet, and chat in yahoo IM with Tonya or Deanna. Working from home has always been my dream.

7. Someone approaches you and asks you, what do you write? How do you respond?

Steve – I tell them exactly what we write then proceed to sell them a copy and give them a business card.

Brenda – LOL I’m a little more subtle about speaking to people about what we write. I tell them “It sure ain’t Harlequin.” If we state first we are authors, I ask them what genres they like to read – to get a feel of their preferences. Then I tell them we write erotic. Usually the comeback is “Oh, you write the good stuff.” LOL

8. How do you handle the question, “Why don’t you write something serious?”

Steve – What we write is serious. Best Lover in Town has lots of tips and guidelines for novices and experts alike. We introduced glass dildos and how to sanitize them properly; how to use food safely during sex; and the use of a safe word with your partner.

Brenda – Good question. We are serious about our work. The difference between erotic and porn is time. Anyone could write smut if they put their mind to it but to blend good characters, plot and sex, and make the story flow requires good writing skills.

9. How do you feel about the current state of mainstream publishing?  E-book publishing?

Steve – Mainstream publishing has had its problems. We have heard horror stories from other authors about bad business deals and losing royalties. Our future books will be self-published so we can keep control of our financial lives. As for ebook publishing, we are currently testing the water on Smashwords.

Brenda – We have a horror story with a publisher. LOL But we have learned what not to do. Other than Triangle of Secrets, our future work will be self-published. It’s easier than we thought. eBooks are the way to go until you see a lot of sells, then you can consider bringing the book out in print.

10. What bothers you most about some of the cover art you’ve seen?

Steve – When you can’t read the titles or the author’s name. Either the font color is blended into the background or the size is too small.

Brenda – Too busy or flashy – takes away from the content of the story. A book cover should be simple but pleasing to the eyes.

11. What are some of your other interests?

Steve – Brenda and I collaborate in writing articles for several online websites which we will list below. We are also moving from Texas to Georgia in a few months so we watch the DIY & HGTV networks for ideas on what we want to do once we find a house to live in.

Brenda – I already mentioned I read. I also like to crochet in the winter time. Once we move, we’ll be setting up a garden for vegetables and growing our own herbs.

12. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Steve – It still surprises me how much Brenda and I complement each other. Writing together engages more than just putting words together. Our past and future can be revealed if you read between the lines. We have written two stories about Savannah, Georgia and we are moving to Georgia soon. Janet and Nathan (Best Lover in Town) meet, separate for years, and find each other again. Mmh, sound familiar? Brenda and I were in high school together then apart for thirty years before finding each other again.

Brenda – The surprising things for me is finally finding someone I can talk openly to. Steve and I are always in the same mind frame when it comes to our stories. The other surprising thing is we write pretty well. We created the book cover for our re-released Best Lover in Town. Our cover won #1 in the Hot cover category with Book Nook.

13. What do you think makes a good story?

Steve – I like to add twist to stories or little clues in one chapter that don’t mean anything until you read a later chapter. It leaves the reader thinking “Oh yeah”. Like who is the person Madison is IMing in chapter three of Best Lover in Town? You don’t know until chapter six.

Brenda – What makes a good story is creating characters that readers remember for a long time, especially if the readers relate to a character or their situations.

14. What are some of the promotional methods you use? What works or doesn’t?

Steve – We used to use MySpace but moved to Facebook after a few months. We host blog interviews for other authors so their fans will see our works too. We do interviews like this one so the host’s fans will see our works. We have had drawings for free ebooks and sign copies of Best Lover in Town. We chat with fans and learn what they liked and disliked about our stories so we can become better writers. We have business cards and bookmarks to pass out. We sign copies of our printed books for fans. We have done books signing at our favorite sex toy store, now called Condom Nation.

Brenda – Authors must have a blog or two to promote their work and gain followers. Word of mouth from readers always helps. We are also host authors for BK Walker’s Virtual Book Tour (VBT). Signing up for contests hosted by blogs, such as Romancing the Book or Coffee Time Romance helps to bring new fans. So far all promotional methods have worked. I highly recommend becoming a member of Coffee Time Romance. Join their newsletter and watch for their discounted member drives.

15. Are you an introverted or extroverted writers?

Steve – As the marketing person behind our books I have to be extroverted. I want to tell everyone about our books and stories. It’s a matter of sales. Emails, chats, or like the person I met at the car repair shop (I sold her a copy), they will all know. I have placed business cards in the envelope when paying bills; someone has to open their mail and it might generate a sale for us.

Brenda – I’m an extrovert online with the groups we are in, blogs we maintain, the ones we follow, and with fans and other authors. But the last few years I have become a little introverted as far as our personal lives. Steve is my best friend. We hang out with just each other and both like to stay home. We don’t entertain because we are just to busy with writing. We do make sure we have date nights.

16. Do you feel writers get a fair portrayal in other mediums such as TV shows and movies?

Steve – The main writers people really hear about is Stephen King and JR Rowlings. Most of the time the writer’s name is just a line on the screen that passes so fast it’s hard to read and viewers don’t care about. People know movies and TV shows by the actors’ names and directors. As long as the writers have a little input and are compensated does it really matter?

Brenda – Once a novel changes into a screenplay, the director or producer usually gets all the glory. Except for the two authors Steve mentions above and of course James Patterson. So I guess if you are not well known as an author, you wouldn’t get a fair portrayal.

17. Do you have any quirky or unusual stories concerning your work?

Steve – When we sent Temptation Triggers to an editor he told us men didn’t wear boxers in the 1930’s. Brenda and I wrote him back with the web link where we had already done the research. He shut up about it.

Brenda – LOL Yes, that was a good one. The other quirky story is a how we came up with a few of the titles in TT. Steve took me to What-a-Burger for Valentines for a patty melt (I love them) and while we were enjoying our food at the little table decorated with a vase of red carnations and valentine placemats (yes What-a-Burger went all out to celebrate this holiday) Patty Melt was born. Break Up Pudding is a real recipe our daughter found in a magazine.

18. Just for fun — they’re making your book into a movie. Who do you imagine would play your characters?

Steve – I see the females in Temptation Triggers short stories as the following: Holly Hunter [Saving Grace] in Gnat and FLO; Betty White in Grandma finds her G-Spot; Katherine Bell in Steal My Love; Kim Delaney in Hotel Savannah; and Sally Pressman [Army Wives] in Patty Melt.

Brenda – Well of course Steve would name only females! Pssst – he is hooked on Army Wives. As far as Janet and Nathan in BLT, I can imagine Janet being played by Julianne Moore and Nathan would definitely be Clive Owen. Brendon Fraser as the mysterious male in Hotel Savannah with Jane Seymour as the female. Hugh Jackman in Steal My Love with Sandra Bullock. Sean Connery as the voice in Patty Melt.

19. And speaking of movies, what’s your writing soundtrack? Or do you write in complete silence?

Steve – We don’t have any particular music to write by but we don’t write in silence either. We might put on Pandora, some of our music, or the TV as background noise.

Brenda – We love the classic rock and especially listen to music from the 70’s. It’s more for background noise.

20. What is the best and/or worst writing advice you’ve ever received?

Steve – The best advice is to watch the “point of view”. It makes a smoother read. If a reader has to re-read a paragraph several times to understand who said what it might prevent them from purchasing your next book.

Brenda – The best writing advice was to read our stories out loud to make sure they flow. The worst was – our publisher allowed us to self-edit our first book, heck we didn’t know anything about editing back then. Needless to say the book had a lot of errors and POV mistakes. Due to this, we learned to edit and have edited for several author friends. The rights to Best Lover in Town were reverted to us – Yeah! We re-edited, made it a smoother read and re-released it on Smashwords with a hot new cover.

21. If you could meet three writers (alive or dead), who would they be? Why those choices and what would you say to them?

Steve – Tonya Kinzer ~ she has helped us so much in our writing, I’d like to thank her in person. Brenda and I have talked about meeting her once we get settled in Georgia.  John Gray ~ I read John’s books years before we started writing. I would ask him about his male/female perspective. I’m always willing to learn so we can write better stories.  Brenda Woody ~ of course I get to hook up with her every night, but I never tire of getting to know her better.

Brenda – I would love to meet Nora Roberts and pick her brain on how she writes and combines thrillers with romance. I’d also like to meet Stephen King – no brainer there. I would want to just sit across from at his desk and watch him create. And I have the third author always working along beside me – I would ask him why he didn’t flirt with me in high school! LOL Can I pick a fourth? LOL Deanna Jewel too. I would like to discuss her WIP, Whispers at Ghost Point. This story has a ghost.

22. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Steve – I enjoy chatting with fans about our books. Many times they say our stories reminds them of things in their past or tell stories about what they have done. Sometimes we incorporate their stories into our work in progress. If I have talked to you, you might see your thoughts as a scene in Temptation Triggers.

Brenda – We love to write erotic and hope the readers will follow our blogs. We like to hear feedback on our stories whether it’s positive or negative. Criticism helps us grow as writers.

23. Tell us about your current and future projects. What is on the horizon? (feel free to provide links).

Steve – We are currently writing three stories and hope to have all epublished by December 2011.

Black & White Affair is a short read we are expanding for Smashwords.

Triangle of Secrets was written for an anthology but was rejected by Gina Kincade, the owner of Naughty Nights Press, who wanted to read more of the story. We were asked to expand TOS now that the word count limitation has been lifted.

We have an erotic cowboy novella that has been put on the back burner several times over the passed two years. We think it is time to complete the work.

Brenda – We also have several more short stories in the works; a time travel, paranormal – ghost, and an amnesia patient. Can you imagine waking up and not knowing who you are? Someone you begin to trust tells you are in the sex industry. You believe them because you don’t remember any other life.

Also my favorite is our WIP – Marcie who is a homicide cop. She will become a series.

Our web links:
Facebook Fan page

Web site



Blog where we interview authors

Sites to Purchase our books:

BLT – Smashwords

TT – Amazon Kindle

Our articles:

Plano Sex and Relationships Examiner

Yahoo! Associated Content



How to Connect With Your Spouse

How Important is Humor in a Relationship

BLT synopsis

Janet Anderson is searching for sexual magic in the man who can match her in the bed. Janet suspects all this and more lies within her handsome boss, Nathan Lovett. During a work-related visit to Janet’s home, Nathan and Janet give in to an attraction beyond their control, and soon find themselves immersed in a pleasurable night of uninhibited sex and heated passion. To their dismay, their luscious interlude is interrupted, and Nathan must leave on a plane to a far away place; their whirlwind coupling on hold.

Three years pass, and with Nathan gone, Janet’s co-worker and best friend, Madison, urges Janet to end her mourning and explore other possibilities. Janet attends parties and events to fill the void left by Nathan, meeting four other men. Though she experiences new sexual delights and discovers more about herself; her suitors fall flat, and Janet is left longing for the touch of her Nathan. Will the best lover in town return to finish what he started?

TT synopsis

Temptation Triggers captures the wickedness of sexual fantasy, the mystery of unexplored territory and the fulfillment of open communication. Among these thought-provoking stories, two friends find themselves drawn into a dark erotic world, a woman encounters a mysterious man and a mature couple discovers hush-hush desires about each other. With different styles of writing, Temptation Triggers reveals erotica that is passionate and spellbinding.


Thanks to much you two for such an in-depth interview! So much information and I and I’m sure my readers greatly appreciate it!  Peace!



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  1. Great interview…looking forward to reading your book!!! Pat


  2. Steve and I will draw mid-morning Saturday and let Cj know who the winner is.
    azpatty, thanks for reading about Steve and me,and commenting.
    Please everyone, if you haven't already, follow us on blogger at blog is updated daily with events and news of other authors as well as what's going on in our world. 🙂
    Have a good night all!


  3. Well, the day is coming to an end and so is the time to enter the drawing. I've been out in the wings attempting to get friends to leave comments. I'm glad you all came here to read about Best Lover in Town and Temptation Triggers with the added benefit of learning more about me and Brenda. I hope everyone goes and likes our FB fan page to be kept informed about our up coming events. thanks to all commenters and good luck in the drawing. ~~ Steve


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