This week in my series of author interview, I would like to welcome, Yvonne Mason!  Yvonne, thanks for stopping by to speak with us today. Yvonne is the author of several works of fiction including, When Fates Collide, Silent Scream and The Last Rites.

1. Who is Yvonne Mason?
This is a very eclectic question. I am many personalities rolled into one. I am sarcastic, witty, opinionated,

stubborn, passionate, loving, loyal, kind. I am nice until it is time not to be nice. I believe in myself and others even when the task seems impossible. I do not suffer fools lightly nor do I allow those less fortunate to be bullied. I pick my battles and only fight those I know that I will win.  


2. When did you first start writing and why?
I started writing when I was a small child. It came natural. I always saw stories in
Everything I saw. My mind is like a movie projector and it is always running.

3. Are there any particular writers who inspire you?

   There are a couple of writers who inspire me. Edgar Allen Poe has always been a favorite. His writings reach deep into his soul and it comes out on paper. He was always
True to himself no matter how many times he was denied the glory. Shakespeare is another inspiration. He was born way before his time but that didn’t stop him from putting quill to paper. Both men died in poverty however, their works sustained the test of time. To me that is the sign of a great writer. Not that they make the New York Times Best Seller list, or that millions of dollars of money is made, but that the work stands the test of time    

4. What made you decide to be a motivational speaker as well as a writer?
  I wanted people to know about my brother who is challenged to understand that we all have a purpose. I also wanted other inspiring writers to know that within every one of us is a story just waiting to be told. The only way to get this out is to speak publicly. Hence a public speaker is born.

5. Tell us why you pursue your particular genre(s)?

 Pursuing my genres is as eclectic as I am. My love for true crime is why I write that genre especially serial killers. I want the victims to never be forgotten. My love for those who are less fortunate like my brother Stan set me on the path of inspiration. Life’s lesson and experiences have played a huge roll in writing some of my suspense novels and being a history buff set me on the path of historical fiction.   

6. Can you describe a typical day of creative work?

 A typical day starts early morning. After my infusion of coffee and answering the emails, marketing my books and other stuff, I write. The voices are always vying for attention so there are many books going around in my head at one time.

7. Someone approaches you and asks you, what do you write? How do you respond?

 I tell them that my books are eclectic as I am.  I do not box myself into just one genre. I have something for most everyone.
8. How do you handle the question, “Why don’t you write something serious?”
 It is funny I have never been asked that question. Most of the time I am asked why I write things that are so frightening.

9. How do you feel about the current state of mainstream publishing? E-book publishing?
 My thoughts of mainstream publishing are like my thoughts on mainstream media. It is a joke. The author just like the viewer gets the short end of the stick. E-books I adore. Because I think outside of the box, heck in my case there is no box. I believe that in this day of technology we as authors should take advantage of every avenue we have to get our work to our readers.

10. Where did you find your promo ideas? What works or doesn’t?
My promo ideas come from trial and error. I have made the internet my friend and will use just about anything to promote my craft. So far I have found nothing that doesn’t work. One just has to leave that box behind and go for it.

11. What are some of your other interests?
I love to travel. It opens up doorways and stories that I might not otherwise have. 

12. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

As with all things in life creating books is an adventure. One of the many things I learned is that people from all walks of life have a story. They want to tell their story and want someone to guide them.

13. What do you think makes a good story?

 There are so many things that make a good story. One is the element of surprise. Most readers have a preconceived notion of what they think the books should be about. When it is something different it stays with them longer.

14.  Most of your works seem to lean towards horror or suspense.  Are there any other genres you would consider trying?
 I also write inspiration, comedy, historical fiction.

15. Are you an introverted or extroverted writer?

 A little of both I think.

16. Do you feel writers get a fair portrayal in other mediums such as TV shows and movies?

 No they don’t. Because TV and Movies is for entertainment they have to portray writers in a certain light. Sadly it is mostly false. Writers struggled even those who have made it to the top of the mountain in traditional publishing.

17. Do you have any quirky or unusual stories concerning your work?

Every day of my life is quirky and unusual.

18. Just for fun — they’re making your book into a movie. Who do you imagine would play your characters?

 I would look for some unknown fresh face – someone who would be willing to do whatever the story required. Someone who would be willing to take a chance just like I did when I penned my first book.

19. And speaking of movies, what’s your writing soundtrack? Or do you write in complete silence?

Sometimes I write in silence and sometimes I listen to a varied set of music. If I am working on a book and I need a song to makes the book then I listen to that song. For instance in The Pink Canary Lola’s theme song is “What Lola Wants” I listened to that many times as I was writing.
20. What is the best and/or worst writing advice you’ve ever received?
 The worst advice I ever received was in school when I was told I would never be a writer. The best advice I was ever given was by my brother Stan who is challenged who told me to go for it.

21. If you could meet three writers (alive or dead), who would they be? Why those choices and what would you say to them?

If I could meet three writers the first one would be Edgar Allen Poe- I would tell him that his work inspired me to never give up. He died broke and yet his work is still around. The second would be Shakespeare for the same reason. He took everyday life and it into something that has survived the ages. I have met James Swain. He and I did a book signing together. I told him how much I enjoyed his books and his reply to me was never quit. Of course we talked a great deal during the course of the day. We have the same interest in genres.

22. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
 Oh yes indeed. The first thing is my true crimes are not for everyone. They are not bland and they do not glorify the criminal. My true crimes are a voice for the victims. They can no longer speak for themselves. They must be remembered. The criminal is always remembered but the victims are forgotten. How many remember the victims of Ted Bundy?  No one does. My true crimes are raw and written with the eyes of law enforcement. I ask many questions in order for the reader to think. If you the reader do not think along those lines, cannot handle raw and disturbing work, then this book is not for you. You will hate it.
However, if you have an open mind, want to remember the victims and on some level try to feel something of the pain they went through before they died, then at least try it. We all owe it to them to remember.   

23. Tell us about your current and future projects. What is on the horizon?

I am currently working on three books one is a trilogy. The first book is titled When Fates Collide- Arm Candy. It is the third in a series I co-write with Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc.
In Arm Candy we bring in characters from the first two books as well as from The Pink Canary. Be sure and read When Fates Collide, When Fates Collide- Mardi Gras Bound and The Pink Canary. 
I am also working on an inspirational book titled Pennies From Heaven. This book deals with death and grief. I have gathered stories from others who have dealt with this natural part of life. It is indeed and interesting book. My hope is that it helps at least one person.
 Last but not least is a trilogy about Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln. However, it is not the run of the mill story. I go all the way back into their ancestry from Scotland and England. It will take three books to be able to tell the story.   
I want to thank Yvonne again for spending some time with me and my readers today.  Peace! ~ CJ

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