It’s a nice morning and I’m sitting here drinking coffee, watching YouTube and giving a few things some thought.  Well actually I’ve been giving this a lot of thought for awhile.  As much as I like being online I have to take some time away.  Even my brother says I have a lot on my plate.  Between work with OT, school with homework and just keeping house in general, I feel I need to focus on those.  I’m also starting internal courses at my job.  You have to keep climbing that corporate ladder, right?  I may even have to get a second job because things are getting pretty tight.  Which will probably use up my weekends, unless I do overnight, which at this point is a strong possibility.

As to my writing?  There’s nothing really going on, on that front lately and there hasn’t been for awhile.  It’s come to a complete standstill.  I’m still waiting to hear on a few things but I don’t feel the need to monitor everything anymore since it’s been so long and half the time I never hear anyway.  I know I have things to finish and I suppose I will eventually, but right now, this is what I need to do.

I’m not certain what else to say.  I’m also actually thinking of cancelling many of my social media accounts (not Facebook) because having a membership hasn’t as far as I can tell, helped me make sales and I don’t believe I’ve had any reviews in awhile either.

Maybe I’m being overly-dramatic but really, it gets tedious checking your email and all you have is other authors requesting you purchase their works once you accept or requests to join groups or message boards.  Wow, that sounds really bad doesn’t it?  Now I’ll probably not get anymore requests! 

At any rate, it’s off to work for me.  I’m not sure how this will turn out and I’m not going to try and guess.  I’ll just have to wait and see or at the very least check back in later.




Note: I wrote this early this morning but am just now posting it.  Thanks


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I'm a multi-published author of fantasy, erotic and paranormal fiction. I’ve been an author for over thirty years and got my start on an old typewriter at the age of five and wrote my first novel at fourteen. Probably the world’s biggest bibliophile I own three-hundred plus books and counting. When I’m not writing I indulge in my favorite pastimes which include working in my garden, cooking and I’m possibly the world’s oldest Girl Gamer. Feel free to contact me about the business anytime!

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