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Mini-Musing 8/1/16–More Authors Found!

I definitely need to go through my hundreds of books more often.  I found more authors who’s books I either don’t recall reading (probably because I hadn’t) or books where their were sequels that I lost track of.  But you know it’s like finding buried treasure.  Yes, I have THAT MANY books and my TBR pile is growing exponentially.


BTW, I just purchased Sharon Shinn’s, Royal Airs – Second in the Elemental Blessings Series.  Can’t wait for it to arrive! 


So I discovered the original version of Dawn Cook’s – a.k.a. Kim HarrisonFirst Truth.  So I’m relieved to learn you can get the remaining of the series although I’m trying to find the copies with the gorgeous new covers. 


And I can’t believe I found this really old book I bought at a used book store © 1961 called What Happened to Amy.  A mystery thriller by Jane Edwards.  I didn’t want to handle it too much so I placed it in a plastic storage bag.  I actually found it on Amazon and some insane person wants $2300.00 dollars for it.  Listen, I love books but no effing way.  Of course if someone wants to buy my copy for $2300.00…. Winking smile


Hazard’s Price by Robert S. Stone has a sequel but sadly, it appears the author passed away.  So it will continue to grace my shelves.


Animist by Eve Forward.  Not finding anything else about her online.  This may have to go onto my missing authors list.  However, I’m certain I haven’t read this book so I’m putting it on the front of the shelves.


The Sharing Knife Volume One: Beguilement by Lois McMaster Bujold.  And it looks like the rest of the series is available!  So it will go on my wish list.  And I’ll read the first book…first.


So who knows what I will find next clean-up?




Musings 12 – There Be Books Here!

Ahh…another good soup and sandwich meal at the Barnes and Noble.  And I was starting to feel not having eaten so I’m glad I stopped.  It was a little pricey but delicious.  The only problem is the only table available is by a fire door near the stairs and people keep rushing past behind me.  Someone is going to get tripped up the next time I jump out of my chair.
My thoughts, if you’re deliberately going to be unprofessional and totally clueless at your job, give it up and let someone have it that really needs it, like that single mom or retired vet .  Sheesh, sometimes I’m amazed at how miserable or lazy people can be at their jobs.  How do they get them in the first place?
Perused the shelves at B&N of course and it’s pretty much the same old, same old.  However I did see two books that caught my eye that I’m probably going to grab on the way out, Shadow Kin by M.J. Scott and Coronets and Steel by Sherwood Smith.  Will recommend stopping by Ms. Scott’s site as it is very nice.
I still of course hope for the day when my and the books of my fellow erotic authors can be on the shelves.  I mean if you have to place our work in locked glass cases and require proof that your of age, go ahead and do it but at least give us a shot.
I’m not going to harp on that though.  Just have to patiently wait I suppose.
Yet another idea has stolen its way into my brain.  I’m trying to finish everything that I have on my plate right now but at least I’ll have plenty to do on my vacation, which will be a glorius fourteen days including weekends.  No I’m not going anywhere but I will be celebrating an – almost monumental birthday age.  Right now, I’m deep into Crave the Dark, Memory in Shadow and am waiting to hear about the proposal I sent for Souls Inflamed.  I’m  never sure how long I should wait before sending a follow-up e-mail without coming off as pushy.
I’m going to spend the rest of my evening writing.  It is quite dreary and cold outside today.  Autumn is finally making itself known.  I’ve been wearing my favorite hoodie all day but before I go I think I’ll grab a latte to warm up.
See you online everyone.  Oh, BTW feel free to post your own Musings here as well.

Musings 10

Well I managed to get to B & N for the first time in several weeks. I decided to try something a little different this time and got a cream puff with my cappuccino and it’s delicious of course. I swear I am never going to lose weight but what the hell, life’s too short not to have a cream puff now and again.

And of course I perused the shelves and didn’t see many new entries on the shelves, mainly continuances of series. And of course, a majority of the covers have the sexy, angst-ridden, kick-ass women in tight jeans (or leather pants) or the grim angst-ridden hard-nosed guy in a leather jacket, or the kick ass woman, standing with the hard-nosed man. So of course my question is when are we going to see some hard-ass men standing with kick ass men (or women). Together? OK, I’ll say it, when is the LGBT fiction going to go mainstream? I mean seriously mainstream. Don’t get me wrong, I adore writing e-books but you know, I think it would be nice if the bookstores stopped being such prudes and opened their doors and made room on their shelves for me and my fellow m/m erotica writers. I even looked around the shelves at B&N to make sure I wasn’t mistaken and didn’t see any. Now I recall Borders had a small section for erotica, that was some time ago. I haven’t been there lately but I don’t recall seeing it. That was all het anyway.
Of course we’ve been told the reason — too controversial. Come on, really? You do know if you relent and put some of us on the shelves you might just get more customers which some of you guys need right now, right?

Despite those awful Amazon Kindle commercials, I don’t believe the paper and ink book is going anywhere anytime soon. Some of us can’t afford Kindles and Nooks (yet), anyway. This purchase of the full version of MS Office 2010 that I bought has set me back so far that I’ll probably be eating nothing but TJ’s chicken potstickers for a while.

Times are changing and no one can stop progress despite how many times people have tried. And it hasn’t destroyed us yet, has it?




Okay, this is more of an extended rant or at least a partial rant than a musing.

Today was one annoyingly weird and crappy day. Or at least the last few hours were.
You know I try to advance in business and basically be honest but with the people I have to deal with, being a back-stabbing little byotch sometimes has a certain appeal even though that’s not how I roll.

Someone took exception to me calling them “sweetie”. I call everybody sweetie or dear. Yes I’m an old lady and am allowed to do so. No one has been offended by it until today. Or if they were they’ve never said anything. To coin a phrase from Judith Light in Law and Order SVU, “Take your meds people.”

I stopped at my local garden center. When I was there I felt better as I walked along the rows of racks and shelves. I was only there to get a cucumber and watermelon plants but it made me feel comfortable all the same. Like the plants as they sat were surrounding me in an embrace. When I left I remembered how pissed I was.

And I made sure to get my lady-beer tonight.

And apparently liquor stores don’t take empties anymore. The EPA now requires the stores to pay them .04 cents a bottle. You can recycle them but you don’t get anything for them.  So I had to lug them back home.

And I got carded. For the first time in — a few years. I just looked at the guy and said, “Seriously?” He gives me this innocent look and says quietly, “Yes ma’am.” I just laughed and said, “Ok, sweetie (uh-oh) I’ll take that as a compliment.” His fellow clerk said, “Yes, take it as a compliment. You look very young.” It made me feel a bit better.

Next door to the liquor store is a fire house. As I was driving past, I noticed a cordoned off area where there was a car, flipped over on its roof, its windows smashed. There’s no logical explanation for how that happened. I could only think, WTF?

Well I’m home (nods to Dorothy) and apparently it’s going to be for the whole weekend. So feel free to catch me online or one of the IM’s. I’m going to knock out as much of Memory in Shadow as I can this weekend. I want it out there.

Then again I wouldn’t mind playing some video games.  I was going to buy a Wii but now the Wii 2 is in the works.  Maybe next week I’ll finally upgrade to the DSi.  No, I am not paying $249.99 for a 3DS.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Peace.


Musings Part 6 — Doubts

Have you ever wondered why you bother to write?

Or worse yet, if you’re even good at it?

Is it presumptuous to think you are? That you must be doing something right? I mean, you are published after all that says something doesn’t it?

Yes, I’m in Border’s looking at all the published books. I’m not feeling well suddenly so I may have to rush out very quick. I’m going to purchase another book, The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett. I’m reading Giest by Phillipa Ballantine and I’m wondering if I will ever join them on these shelves.

Yesterday I spoke with a gentleman who is also a published author and we got into a conversation about books. He didn’t know I was an author but he went about saying how frustrated he became when publication eluded him. He made it finally but he did tell me the myriad of times he told himself not to give up but then he would put his work away saying something like he needed time away from it. Then he said he realized that every time he did put the book away he was in a sense giving up. He vowed never to do it again.

I’ve given up about fifteen times in the past several years and I’ve set books aside. Drawbacks like my big PC crash made it difficult to start over. It still isn’t easy. I’m still reeling from that writing defeat of mine. I tried to get over it but I can’t. Maybe the trick is learning to work with it or around it. Not sure which is better?

I see all these books and wonder, when will that be me? When will the trade magazines announce my fifth in a series of books?

Of course this won’t happen if I don’t write as words don’t magically appear, well not as far as I know. Wish it were as easy as it sounds.

Ah well…back to work. I’ve got the whole Sunday to write. I mean seriously, you’ve seen those gas prices.



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